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The social event is a lovely boat trip around the canals and the harbor of Amsterdam.


You will have to opportunity to see many of Amsterdam's historic sites.

The boat will arrive around 20:00 hrs at restaurant Nevy.


Restaurant Nevy is a luxurious restaurant, located in the harbor of Amsterdam, the IJ. It’s a traditional fish restaurant, but they also serve meat and vegetarian dishes.

The IJ is a river, formerly a bay, in the Dutch province of North Holland.

In historic times, the IJ was a long and narrow brackish bay that connected to the Zuiderzee (itself a bay of the North Sea) and stretched from Amsterdam to the North Sea coast. Many ships passed Amsterdam that way.

The Zuiderzee doesn’t exists anymore. In the 20th century the majority of the Zuiderzee was closed off from the North Sea by the construction of a large enclosing dam (the Afsluitdijk). The creation of this dam was a response to the flood of January 1916. With the completion of the Afsluitdijk in 1932, the Zuiderzee became partly a fresh water lake called the IJsselmeer (IJssel-lake) after the river that drains into it. The river IJssel is an estuary branch of the river Rijn (Rhine).